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A Disturbing Article

Ginger over at Gluten-Free in Georgia (and Florida) wrote about (and reprinted) this disturbing article about gluten-free food trends.  I’m going to let you visit her and read about it there, along with her snarky comments (which I quite enjoy, by the way).

I do want to share this little tidbit with you from the article:

“This is a house of cards just waiting to fall,” she said. “It’s a medical diet, right? It’s hard to stick to.”

Seriously?  Just because some people choose not to stick with it correctly, doesn’t mean all people are like that.  It’s not like we’re eating gluten-free because we want to look better in the mirror, and then give up when it annoys us.  Grrr.






2 responses to “A Disturbing Article”

  1. Mary Avatar

    Double Grrr… Saw this on the Celiac Forum as well yesterday… Wonder if the person doing the “forecasting” works for General Mills and is conspiring to monopolize the GF market.. 🙂

  2. glutenfibrofree Avatar

    “Experts” never seem to know what they are talking about. I just saw a different article saying almost the opposite.