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Gluten-Free with Boar’s Head

I’ve always known that Boar’s Head had some gluten-free meats and cheeses, but I’m not sure I realized that ALL of their meats and cheeses AND condiments were gluten-free.

But they are, and always have been.

Boar’s Head has recently published a brochure about being gluten-free with Boar’s Head.  I was a bit surprised – it’s got a lot of good well-rounded information in it (not just all about meats and cheeses).

It also includes gf tips for getting deli meats and cheeses cut, and some tasty-looking recipes.  I’m rather intrigued by the Apple Spice Cupcakes recipe that uses the Boar’s Head Brown Sugar & Spice Ham Glaze.

You can find this brochure at supermarkets and delis where Boar’s Head is sold, or view and print online.






2 responses to “Gluten-Free with Boar’s Head”

  1. fibrohubby Avatar

    I’m really glad to hear this, one of the nearby supermarkets carries lots of Boar’s Head stuff. Thanks

  2. dcatarin Avatar

    Gluten-Free Boar’s Head is the !!!BEST!!! news I’ve reeceived in a long long time!!! Good for Boar’s Head!! That’s my lunch meat from now on!!!