Lucy’s GF Cookies

We were all a bit put out when Starbucks did away with their Valencia Orange Cake.

To make up for it, they gave us the KIND bar, which is good, but is not anything exciting.  I guess they’re still trying to make up for it, but adding some more gf products.

One of those recent additions is Lucy’s Cookies.  A friend of mine, who is a manager at a local Starbucks, brought me some samples to try.

At first bite, I wasn’t sure about the Sugar Cookie.  There was something a little different about it.  Then I figured it out… oats!  You can taste the oats (gluten-free ones, of course), but it takes a moment to figure it out.

The cookies are very crisp and airy, and covered in sugar.  After that first cookie, I decided I really like these.  They have a unique oatmeal/sugar cookie flavor, that I find endearing.  Plus, 4 cookies only have 1.5 grams of fat (and 16 grams of sugar; 25 grams total carbs, but 2 of those are fiber).

I am enjoying the last of the box, all by myself, while Carter and Charlie play outside in the beautiful sunshine and Corice and Sarah are upstairs, supposedly napping.

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