Kroger Cottage Cheese Not GF

Somehow, this post disappeared.  I don’t know how.

At any rate, I had called Kroger on July 7th about their ibuprofen (which is gluten-free).  When the dietitian called me back the next morning, she wanted to make sure I knew about the cottage cheese, which I had posted about last year as having the words “gluten-free” on them.

The Kroger dietitian told me that some of the runs were being to show barley in them.  Not gluten-free.

I looked at the 4 packages in my fridge, and, sure enough, the words “gluten-free” were no longer on them.  They went straight to my sister-in-law.

I was under the impression that they didn’t yet know why that was happening.

The dietitian also told me that the ricotta cheese is still gluten-free.  I guess I’ll buy Wal-Mart cottage cheese for my manicotti (it still says gluten-free)…

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