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Kroger Cottage Cheese Not GF

Somehow, this post disappeared.  I don’t know how.

At any rate, I had called Kroger on July 7th about their ibuprofen (which is gluten-free).  When the dietitian called me back the next morning, she wanted to make sure I knew about the cottage cheese, which I had posted about last year as having the words “gluten-free” on them.

The Kroger dietitian told me that some of the runs were being to show barley in them.  Not gluten-free.

I looked at the 4 packages in my fridge, and, sure enough, the words “gluten-free” were no longer on them.  They went straight to my sister-in-law.

I was under the impression that they didn’t yet know why that was happening.

The dietitian also told me that the ricotta cheese is still gluten-free.  I guess I’ll buy Wal-Mart cottage cheese for my manicotti (it still says gluten-free)…






7 responses to “Kroger Cottage Cheese Not GF”

  1. Tonia Avatar

    Sad to say our WalMart Cottage cheese says that it could contain wheat. This aggravates me to no end. Why one day it is GF then the next it isn’t? Companies started going GF with different things and are now going back to gluten loading them. Why? Grrrrrr

  2. glutenfreecville Avatar

    ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I ate a TON a Kroger cottage cheese in my first few gluten free months earlier this year. I just had no idea what to eat, and I figured cottage cheese had to be safe. Now the mysterious comings and goings of my dermatitis herpetiformis in those months makes a TON more sense. What a bummer.

  3. Crysi Avatar

    Good to know, but we quit buying it after I thought it tasted funny and my daughter broke out in hives around her mouth. We stick to Safeway’s Luccerne, but make sure you avoid their flavored varieties. They contain gluten!

  4. Peggy Avatar

    The Kroger Cottage Cheese hasn’t been gluten-free since before September 2009. I had the same experience as I had elevated antibodies so I began rechecking everything. So I was checking on another item and the dietitian asked if I consumed their Cottage Cheese etc. Antibodies went down almost immediately after I went to Kraft’s Breakstone (after checking, of course).

  5. KW Avatar

    This is an old thread but… I’m here googling “Cottage Cheese” and “not gluten free” and this post came up.

    I’ve been Glutened twice in a row over the last 2 weeks, and been extremely sick. I’m usually an annoyingly healthy Celiac who runs 6 miles a day, but when Glutened I can barely hobble 6 steps, and it lasts for 5 days straight.

    By a process of elimination, I have narrowed it down to “Humboldt Organic Fat Free Cottage Cheese”. It does not claim to be gluten free… I just ASSumed… and I guess I’m the ass for doing that.

    Mucho googling today has helped me discover that Organic Valley Cottage Cheese now actually states on the manufacturer website that it’s NOT Gluten Free. And now I read what you wrote about Kroger’s brand 2 years ago. I guess I’m off Cottage Cheese unless it states Gluten Free.

    Did you find out anything new since this post?

    1. Cassandra Avatar

      I know that Daisy Brand is gluten-free. I do not know off the top of my head which other brands are, though. Please let me know if you come across other brands. I, too, am wary of cottage cheese since that incident.

      1. KW Avatar

        Sorry, a bit late (like 8 months) but I only just discovered your reply! Daisy brand has worked out great for me, definitely no hidden gluten in any of their cottage cheese or sour cream.