Giveaway Extravaganza – Part 6

I bet you didn’t think I meant it when I said “Extravaganza”.  Now do you believe?gluten-free Hamantaschen

Have you ever had to sit at the computer for 8 hours straight, knowing that there are tasty chocolate (gluten-free, of course) cupcakes in the other room, and there is no one around to see if you snitched one…or two?  That was today…and I did snitch one…or two…

Katz Gluten Free wants to send a sweet farewell to summer.  In doing so, they sent me some sweet treats for review and have set up this giveaway.  If that’s not enough for you, there is also a giveaway on their site for 100 Katz dollars!  (You can enter my blog name in the referral box.) This ends September 13th, so hurry on over. Did you know that Katz Gluten Free is certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization?

I first cracked open the Apricot Tarts, or Hamantaschen.  These are like a soft shortbread with a chewy apricot jelly on top.  They are lightly sweet.  I swear I detect a hint of lemon, but there’s none in the ingredients.  🙂
Oh my gosh.  What happened to that box?  I hope the kids got into those cookies, because that would be pretty sad if I ate that many.  Um, yeah, I think I like them, lol.

I would like to be quite clear that I did share this next one with the children.  We dug into the Chocolate Strip the other night.  I would explain it as pie crust meets cinnamon roll, and collides with chocolate.  The pastry part is almost like a pie crust, but not quite.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I can describe it any better than that.  I guess you’ll just have to try it yourself.  :)  These also are not really sweet, but quite flavorful.  It wasn’t my favorite part of the package, but I did really enjoy it.

You know what?  I almost forgot about the muffins (we finished those off very quickly).  I had never had a honey-flavored muffin before, but I really liked it.  The children enjoyed them quite a bit, too.  They are a medium-density muffin (not really airy, but not heavy).  The streusel topping adds just the right touch to the muffin.

You’re waiting for me to talk some more about chocolate cupcakes, aren’t you?  Yesterday, things just worked out so that I had a few hours with just Corice in the afternoon.  She turns two next week.  Can you believe it?  Didn’t I just post about my baby shower?  Well, we had a good time, topped off by some Katz Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes.  Something that really stands out about these cupcakes are the top.  It is like a thick top to a brownie – hard and crackly.  I really like it.  The rest of the cupcake is also medium-density, like the muffins.  It’s like a cupcake on the bottom with a brownie on top.  No wonder there are only two left…

So, do you want to try tasty treats like these?  Katz is going to give a $25 coupon to one lucky reader and a sample pack to another.  So, follow them on twitter, be a fan on facebook, and tell me something sweet about summer.  For instance, watching my children laugh and play in the sprinkler together was quite sweet.

This giveaway is open to U.S. readers, and will close at 9:00 pm Central on Friday, September 24, 2010.

Please don’t hate me for putting up all of these pictures of desserts late at night.  :)  (Pictures taken by the Katz people, fyi.)

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