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Giveaway Extravaganza – Part 7

A little over a month ago, I reviewed the new Ian’s Gluten-Free Chicken Tenders.  I had done it all by myself, one day while the children were away.

To prepare me for this giveaway, Ian’s sent me some more of the chicken tenders.  Since tomorrow is Corice’s birthday (can you believe it?  Two years old already!), and they won’t be here for dinner, I decided we’d have chicken tenders and french fries for dinner.  Because I’m cool like that.

Don’t worry, we also had fresh peaches.  We didn’t, however, have any vegetables (but Braden did get all of his homework finished, so we’ll just have to add in extra spinach to our next smoothie :)).

Corice and Carter gobbled up their chicken tenders, saying they were “good” (honestly, it doesn’t get more descriptive than that from them).

Braden wasn’t quite sure about them, however.  He doesn’t eat gluten-free (except at home, because the house is gluten-free), so he is comparing these to McDonald’s or the school’s chicken nuggets.  He thought the breading was too crunchy.  I prefer the crunchy ones over the softer ones – I should have switched with him.  He also told me that they used the wrong kind of chicken.


At which point, I laughed a bit, and asked if he meant ground-up chicken.  Of course he did.  A lovely discussion about chicken processing followed.  I’ll spare you the details.

But I will share the details about this SUPER AWESOME sweepstakes from Ian’s!

This is a contest with actual rules (please read them).

Basically, you:

  1. Comment on this blog post about how dietary restrictions affect your life
  2. Sign up to be a part of Ian’s Superfit Kid Club (you must do this to win)
  3. Are at least 18 years old and live in the U.S.
  4. Don’t work for anybody involved with Ian’s or the contest (read the rules ↑)

So, what will you get?  A big party, that’s what!

The winner will receive a party for 14 people: their choice of a “Gluten Free Pizza Party Package” with the new Wheat Free Gluten Free Pepperoni French Bread Pizza and the new Wheat Free Gluten Free Wafer Bites, OR an “Allergen Free Fun Fest” with the Wheat Free Gluten Free Chicken Tenders and their best-selling Alphatots.  The party package will serve 14 guests, and comes complete with invitations, plates, napkins, utensils, and Andy the Otter stickers, tattoos, and prizes!

What a great party for a child!

Ian’s has graciously offered to extend this contest until September 24th, since I forgot it had a deadline (it’s been a rough couple of weeks).  Hurry and comment!







13 responses to “Giveaway Extravaganza – Part 7”

  1. Tracy Avatar

    Dietary restrictions affect my life in too many ways to count — but the one making me sad right now is how my kids feel left out at school when there is a birthday and everyone else has a cupcake loaded with three inches of frosting and they are eating a wrapped bar from their box in the cupboard that Mom sent in. It makes me sad for them.

  2. martina fegan Avatar

    My two grandsons (ages 7 and 8) are both Celiac and Type 1 Diabetic. Our family has definitely struggled with dietary restrictions, primary due to the Celiacs. It is difficult to travel – eating out- but more and more restaurants are offering gluten free selections. The most notable restrictions are school or friend birthday parties. So often pizza and cake are on the menu, so the boys can’t eat it. My daughter has to make special food to take so they don’t feel left out. It’s amazing how well the kids have adapted, but like Tracy, it makes me sad for them. It’s enough dealing with the diabetes, let alone the Celiacs as well.

  3. martina fegan Avatar

    I just signed up my grandson Aidan Andersen on the Ian’s Superfit Kids Club.

  4. The Gluten Free Life Avatar

    My wife is a celiac, and so we eat mostly gluten free at home. I’m allowed to have a stash of wheaty breads and such, but they are super segregated and off in a corner. So many of the gluten free foods are getting better. When we first started the gluten free journey, many of them tasted horrible!

  5. Elaine Avatar

    Godson has egg allergy and tree nut allergy while I seem to be gluten intolerant, so eating is much more of a chore than it used to be… getting better though!

  6. Heather S. Avatar
    Heather S.

    My son has recently been diagnosed with celiac disease, so we are learning and adapting.

  7. Penny Avatar

    Please enter me!!! My daughter is gluten free, casein/dairy free, nut free, soy free, sunflower free, pineapple free, we rotate eggs in her diet in baked goods. She loves Ian’s chicken and fish products!


    My 2 daughters are wheat/gluten intolerant and I am Celiac. My husband and son are not. So we are always searching for great tasting food for all of us, we try not to make a bunch of different meals.

  9. Rachel Fermani Avatar
    Rachel Fermani

    Hello! My name is Rachel and I have two beauutiful GF/CF children. We are a completely gluten free dairy free household! We eat well at home and you would never know we were missing a thing!!!! We are also sensitive to chemical additives in food, so I cook from scratch most meals of the day. When I need a break from cooking, I love being able to heat up Ian’s Nuggets or Fish Sticks. My kids love them and I love that they have ingredients you can pronounce! We would be thrilled to win the contest and have an Ian’s party to show our neighbors how yummy our food can be. We don’t often get to share our food with friends as our special food is costly….what a great opportunity this would be!!!!

  10. Jennifer C Avatar
    Jennifer C

    I signed my daughter up for the Superfits Kid Club. She and I both have celiac. We are now gluten free and feeling better. We would be so excited to win this pizza party to share with family and friends.


  11. Aurora Avatar

    Being restricted from eating donuts,bread, pizza (food with gluten) can be very frustrating. I crave for this stuff all the time!

  12. Aurora Avatar

    My daughter and I have celiac. It can become frustrating at gatherings or parties when all that is served is food with gluten. I would love to win this party for my lil one so that she can enjoy am actual pizza party in her honor for being such a good sport about this life changing process.

  13. Kathi W Avatar
    Kathi W

    I have not been diagnosed, but removed gluten from my diet due to not feeling well for a long time. It has helped. I currently work at a bakery-cafe that has pretty little that I can actually eat. I’ve been testing out different gluten free products trying to find the best and bringing my own food for lunch. Tough life change.