Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Celiac Awareness Month

As Celiac Awareness Month draws to a close (in about 2 hours for me), I hope you have all had the opportunity to learn something new about celiac disease or living gluten-free, or taken the opportunity to share something about it with someone (hopefully lots of someones!).

I had decided, prior to the month beginning, that I really wanted to post on the blog everyday, as one of my ways of increasing awareness.  Thankfully, Sara hopped on board and helped me out.  We didn’t quite make it, but came very close.  I know that we reached a lot of people who wouldn’t otherwise have looked, due to the sheer volume of people reading Sara’s very personal open letter to the author of the Forbes blog post about Celiac Disease and anorexia.  Thank you all for sharing that, as I have had a number of friends with experiences similar to Sara’s, and the emotional pain from that kind of treatment can be very damaging.

Just because Celiac Awareness Month is over doesn’t mean we should stop raising awareness.  Keep it going!  As you travel this summer (or stay at home with friends and family), find someone new to talk to about gluten-free.