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The Better Chip

I was recently sent some samples from The Better Chip.  This company is all about the veggies.  They are made with 40% fresh veggies INSIDE the chip, and are gluten-free, all-natural, and non-GMO.

The Better Chips are nice and crunchy.  They are sized right: big enough to pile some toppings or salsa/dip on.

We first tasted the Jalapeño and Sea Salt variety.  Like they said, there are lots of jalapeño pieces inside.  It has a good flavor, like you’ve got fresh jalapeños on a tortilla chip.  They did pack a little heat, which I could feel later on my tongue, but we didn’t think they were too spicy.  The bag says “authentic heat from fresh jalapeños may vary slightly from bag to bag.”  If you’re really sensitive about spicy heat, this might not be the variety for you.  But if you’re a salsa eater, you will probably really like them.  The outside has a dusting of sea salt, adding a little more to the flavor.  Corice kept asking for more.  She’s only 3 1/2, so if she can eat take the heat, most of you can, too.  🙂

The Red Pepper and Salsa Fresca variety is a little different.  It still has chunks of veggies (the red pepper) inside, but the salsa flavoring is on the outside.  This version is not spicy, but it is still flavorful.  We couldn’t quite come to a consensus on this one.  I thought they tasted like salsa, but my friend Martin said they reminded him of spaghetti sauce.  All I could get out of Corice was “can I please have another one?” and something about the stuff leftover on her fingers (which she thoroughly enjoyed licking off).



The Sweet Onion and White Cheddar variety is the only one that is not lactose-free.  It is an interesting mix of flavors, but they do blend well together.  The sweet, the savory, the onion, the cheddar.  Corice took hers and ran, looking very much like a hoarder (then came back for more).  All I managed to get out of Martin was an “mmmmm”, as he wandered off to play a marble game with Corice.


Opening the bag of Fresh Corn and Sea Salt, the first thing I noticed was that they really did smell like fresh corn.  They also taste like fresh corn, and have that sweetness without added sugar.

I could definitely see these chips becoming a favorite around here.  They are packed with flavor and veggies and fit in the better-for-you category (at least in my book), all things my kids and I really like.

If you get a chance, I definitely suggest you give these a try.






2 responses to “The Better Chip”

  1. Peddler's Choice Avatar

    Wow, these chips sounds amazing. I can’t wait to try them! thank you for this post.

  2. Dr. Michael Rasler Avatar
    Dr. Michael Rasler

    I can’t find a store in the greater Sacramento, CA area that sells the BetterChip.