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A Gigantic Announcement

You may recall me telling you that we have some really big changes coming up in our lives this summer.  I start grad school in a two weeks, then we move to another city (to be closer to school) the following week.  Braden will be starting middle school in the fall (eek, gads!) and will be going gluten-free (and who-knows-what-else-free, but we’ll find out soon).  I have been granted a position as a teaching fellow for the fall (I am super excited!)!

If you’re a “loyal” follower of my blog and read between the lines, you may have realized that I got divorced a couple of years ago (if you didn’t, don’t worry – I never actually said anything about it).  It’s been quite an adjustment for us, but we have actually thrived in our new lifestyle.


There was this friend, Martin, who was a staple around our house for a year… and then we started dating.  I am finally ready to announce to you all that we are getting married next month.

Martin was the guy that I hung out with to avoid dating (though, in doing so, most of my friends teased me that we actually were dating).  We developed a very close friendship while discussing his five years in the navy, the girls he was dating, and the few-and-far-between guys that I dated (I don’t like dating, and I certainly had no desire to go looking for another husband).

Martin thinks I am a most awesome cook/baker, and loves just about anything I put in front of him.  He fell in love with my children, and they with him.  Over the course of the year, our friendship turned into something more, and he went from the kids’ playmate, to an authority figure, to a father figure.  Which leads us to next month.  🙂

We are very excited to announce our upcoming wedding, and hope you can all celebrate with us across the world.

I’ve enjoyed sharing this very personal part of our lives with you.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures.






3 responses to “A Gigantic Announcement”

  1. Rebecca Franklin Avatar
    Rebecca Franklin

    Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you and Martin!

  2. Julie Price Avatar

    I am so happy for you. Martin looks like a wonderful guy. Heavenly Father works things out in such a marvelous way. Keep the pictures coming.

  3. Claire Fisher Avatar
    Claire Fisher

    So happy for you and your children. Martin is a lucky guy, he is getting quite a nice gal!