Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

It Tastes RAAW

Beets.  What are they, who eats them?

I threw a can in some taco soup last week, but otherwise, I can’t remember the last time I ate beets.  However, we just drank some.

We recently received some It Tastes RAAW juices, including the Better Beets.  It was an interesting flavor, not my favorite, but not bad.  Corice enjoyed it and Carter really liked it (it’s awesome to see your kids eating/drinking really healthy things).

I really enjoyed the Strawberry Purple Carrot.  It has a wonderful flavor, clean and crisp, and very refreshing.  It almost reminds me of a Surf Sweets candy (the flavor is very real, not fake, with a hint of dessert but a knowledge that it’s not).DSC_0018

Do you see “what’s inside?”  Eight strawberries and 3 1/2 purple carrots in that bottle.  That makes me pretty happy.

Honestly, all the flavors I have tried have been, well, different.  They are not your typical juices.  But that’s great news!  You can get fancy with your beverages.  🙂  Try some Raspberry Lemongrass, which is like a raspberry lemonade with a really big twist.

It Tastes RAAW juices are 100% natural, have no added sugar, and have no preservatives.  They have great flavors (though definitely different).  I think the Cranberry Ginger has inspired me…to bake some interesting cookies.

What about the wheatgrass, you might ask?  How can that be gluten-free?  Gluten is the protein in the grain, and wheatgrass is picked before the grain forms at the top.  So, it would be gluten-free.  I, personally, avoid the wheatgrass, though it should be safe for the majority of people with gluten issues.

If you like to try new and daring flavors, these might really be up your alley.  If all you drink is apple juice, well, maybe it’s time to branch out a bit.