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Cow Wow Cereal Milk

Around the office, we talk about some pretty interesting things related to health and fitness.  One of those things is chocolate milk.

Have you ever seen a cross-country runner come in after a long run and down a huge glass of chocolate milk?  The first time I experienced this phenomenon was a few years ago while visiting my friend Roben, whose son ran cross country in high school.  I thought it was the strangest thing (though awesome!).  He said he recovered better after a long run.

Fast forward to last fall to now.  We research; it’s just what graduate students do.  We do our own research, we research other people’s research, we write papers on other people’s research…  We write papers on chocolate milk.

Well, I haven’t, but a number of my friends have – the exercise physiology majors.  Chocolate milk (or other flavored milk) makes a great recovery drink because of its carbohydrate and protein content.  There are a whole lot of research journal articles about it if you are interested.

Why do I tell you this?  Because chocolate milk is cool.

Most of the time, chocolate or flavored milks are full of high fructose corn syrup and stuff like that.  There are, thankfully, a few organic milks that come in a flavored variety (and I’ve always found them to be tastier).

How do you like your milk best?  Do you like to drink it from the bottom of the cereal bowl after it’s been flavored by your favorite cereal?

Well, a lot of people do and Cow Wow was born.  Cow Wow is milk flavored to taste like it’s been soaking up the flavor from cereal.


We first tried the “Fruity Trudy”.  The milk was still white – no artificial colors!  Braden commented that it “tastes exactly like fruity pebbles milk” and then a raging debate ensued about whether or not it smells like fruity pebbles.  Carter and Corice said they would love to drink it all the time.  Braden, with his oh-so-refined middle schooler’s tastes (cough, cough), said he wouldn’t want it always, but he would definitely enjoy it from time to time.


“Chocolate Chip Cathy” is a completely different take on chocolate milk.  It is a very light brown in color.  We couldn’t decide exactly what the smell reminded us of, but we tossed around chocolate chip cookies and Martin offered up chocolate ice cream.  The taste of the milk reminded me of the chocolate chip cookie cereal we had tried a few months ago.  Braden disagreed.  We both agreed, though, that it tasted pretty neat.

Cow Wow is made from organic 1% milk and organic cane sugar.  The boxes are obviously designed for children, with cute little poems about the cows on the back.  They are a great new take on the flavored milk and fun for kids of all ages.