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Coffecake Connection

Have you ever had one of those depressing days when nothing seems to go right and, if you’re lucky enough to get yourself to do something, you listen to All-American Rejects and Taylor Swift all day to fuel you?

Thankfully, for me, I was blessed with the sweetest package delivery: a variety of coffeecake and cake-a-lettes from Coffeecake Connection to review.  They have the best timing!  We won’t discuss how many I ate that day.

Coffeecake Connection Collage

The package states that you should warm the coffeecake to bring out the butter flavor.  It truly does.  Before warming, it is practically unnoticeable, but afterwards it definitely stands out.  These coffeecakes are soft and moist.

The GF Triple Berry has lots of berry flavor and full berries, too, with a decadent sweet buttery crumble topping.  The GF Double Chocolate has a crumbly outside.  It features a light chocolate flavor cake with chocolate chips.  I refused to share with Carter.  I hang my head in shame.

Between the GF Apple Cinnamon, which has tons of cinnamon love and some chunks of apples, and the GF Pumpkin, which has a delicate pumpkin and butter flavor with a buttery, cinnamon nutmeg topping, I was certainly feeling the Autumn in my food.

Coffeecake Connection bakes their gluten-free coffeecakes in a certified gluten-free, nut-free, and certified Kosher facility.  You can order them online, and you can even subscribe to their cake-of-the-month club, which ships out a new coffeecake each month.

Be careful.  Once you start eating them, you just might not stop.  🙂






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  1. Ray Avatar

    These look great, I’m not sure if its bad or good that I can’t get them here in the UK..