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Ratio Bars

You know my crazy life tends to provide me ample opportunities to love the convenience and nutrition in protein bars.  This semester, Mondays and Wednesdays are my beasts : 4 and a half straight hours of teaching (3 hours of lecture), and Wednesdays I teach a night class to boot.  If I’m lucky, I eat a protein bar.  If I’m unlucky, I might not eat.  🙁

I recently received some samples from Ratio Bars, which have given me more choices in my crazy-day-protein-bar-life.

The Cookie Crunch tastes like a candy bar, almost like a cross between a Heath bar and a 3 Musketeers (but I can’t really decide which, so I crossed it out). Layers of fudge, caramel fluff, and crispy rice are smothered in chocolate.

Ratio Peanut Butter Cup

The Peanut Butter Cup is like a less-sweet version of Reese’s with a layer of fudge.  An interesting tidbit for you, their powdered sugar uses tapioca starch instead of cornstarch (at least in pb cup).

Cake Batter is an interesting take on the protein bar.  Soft chewy inside surrounded by a thick outer layer of crispies and white chocolate-like candy.  You can taste the whey protein, but it’s not a bad flavor.  It’s obviously not candy, though it tastes like it at first.  It sort of does taste like vanilla cake batter, though not as sweet.

Ratio Bars are gluten-free, have no GMOs, no hormones, and no soy protein.






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  1. Ray Avatar

    I’m not sure if they’re available in the US but if they are these are Gluten Free and well worth looking for