Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Author: iLiveinmyLab

  • An Open Letter to Meghan Casserly

    I rarely discuss personal stories of when I was diagnosed, due to the belief that I should choose to remember the happier times in my life, rather than dwell on the depressing incidents that have happened to me. Today is a rare exception due to an article by Meghan Casserly posted on Forbes. This is […]

  • Wordless Cheeseburger Wednesday

      Gluten-Free Cheeseburgers & Fries thanks to Cosmic Ray’s in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom   (ps – I promise Cassandra will be back soon!)

  • WDW Reviews: Kouzzina

    Hello Everyone! As I mentioned last night I will be doing a few Walt Disney World restaurant reviews for Cassandra during the next few days, the first of which being Kouzzina by Cat Cora, who some of you may know as an Iron Chef from Food Network…. Kouzinna is my personal favorite restaurant at Walt […]

  • Disney World Dining 101

    Hello everyone! Now that finals are winding down I am back to chat about one of my favorite gluten-free subjects – gluten-free dining at Disney World of course! July 1st – 2nd the Gluten Intolerance Group of America (check out their gorgeous new website!) is going to host their annual conference in Orlando, Florida. This […]

  • Gluten Free Beauty

    Hello Everyone! As Cassandra told you, I will be here guest blogging for the next few days while she is out of town.This means I have the blog all to myself… MWAH HA HAA HA HA! Ok, I’ll stop my evil laughing now. My posts might be a bit short since I am a graduate […]