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  • Corrallin’ the Crescent Rolls

    Since the crescent roll recipe from the Better Batter website is such a huge hit, I thought I’d find as many of the variations floating out there in blogland as I can. Bear with me, I’m sure I won’t catch them all. Feel free to leave a link if I missed it, and I’ll get […]

  • Tom’s ES in the Bread Machine

    I tried doing the European Style of Tom’s Light Bread in my Cuisinart. Let’s just say it wasn’t a whopping success. I placed the oil and eggs (warmed to room temp in warm water) in the bottom of the pan, followed by the sour sponge, the rest of the flour and the salt and cream […]

  • Variations on a Theme – Tom’s 1

    No, it’s not a post about Mozart (though I could). It is about the Tom’s Light Bread. I decided to mix it up a bit. I did not get the ingredients together in time to try the European method in my bread machine this weekend (but the sponge is on the counter now!). Braden seriously […]

  • Tom’s Light Bread

    For a very long time, a forum buddy, Jen, has been talking about this Tom’s Light Bread Recipe that she got from It’s been on my to-do list that whole time, and I finally got around to it, LOL! I made this recipe 2 ways – the way Jen makes it (the original way), […]

  • Crescent Rolls! / Cinnamon Rolls!

    Recently, a crescent roll recipe was posted on the Delphi Celiac group, coming originally from the Better Batter Flour website. It has been such a hit, that I just knew I must try it. Many people on the forum have been tweaking it, and I’m using their good ideas. So, thanks, guys. Crescent Rolls 1/2 […]