Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Month: November 2007

  • Taco Soup

    One of my favorite soups of all time – Taco Soup. I got this recipe from Terri on the Delphi Celiac Forum. Yum. Taco Soup 1 & 1/2 lb. hamburger meat 2 Tbs. minced onion flakes 2 cups water 1 can Rotel (diced tomatoes and green chilies) 1 can pinto beans 1 can corn 1 […]

  • Easy Bean and Ham Soup

    Mom asked me to get her 2 packages of beans while I was at the store the other day, and then she asked me to soak the beans for her (since she was coming in the early morning to watch my kids yesterday). So I soaked 2 packages of beans. That’s a lot of beans. […]

  • Donna and Heather

    Though rather late, I wanted to post about meeting Donna Washburn and Heather Butt. I had previously met them at the National GIG Education Conference in Virginia, in June. We had them speak to us at our local GIG meeting on November 3rd. They are currently working on their fourth gluten-free cookbook! Check them out […]

  • Turkey Quesadillas

    Got leftovers? Need some ideas to use them up? Well, here’s one for you: Turkey Quesadillas. Quick, easy, yummy, and it uses up stuff taking up space in your fridge. Mom brought us some turkey and ham leftovers (at Braden’s request). So we chopped up some turkey, stuck it on a corn tortilla with some […]

  • Eight Biscuits

    How can something so small consume such large amounts of food? Yes, Braden ate eight biscuits. (Say that 10 times fast). Crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. I think that says it all.