Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Month: June 2008

  • Mac ‘N Cheese – Schar and Blue Chip Group

    At the conference, Tim brought me some cheese sauce mix from the Blue Chip Group out of Salt Lake City, Utah.  This mix is like the powder from Kraft that comes in the famous blue boxes.  I finally got a chance to open it up today and make Mac ‘N Cheese with some Schar penne […]

  • Dr. Michelle Pietzak

    This was actually the one talk that I was able to listen to during the whole conference (aside from Fasano’s at the banquet). Dr. Pietzak’s talk was entitled “Life Lessons from Celiac Pediatrics” and followed along the lines of the book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. What was the first […]

  • Dr. Megan Tichy

    Are any of you confused about the proposed FDA definition of “gluten-free” and what 20 ppm really means? Megan Tichy, Ph.D., a lecturer from Texas A&M University, and support group leader in Bryan/College Station, was “Making Sense of Science” at the GIG Conference. She has been gracious enough to share her presentation with us. The […]

  • Dental Cleaning

    I just wanted to tell you about something I learned this morning during my dental cleaning.  I had been telling the hygienist that I haven’t been able to wear my night guard (that I got about the same time as I got pregnant) because I’ve been sick the whole time.  So when it was time […]

  • Dr. Cathy Breedon

    If you ever get the chance to hear Dr. Breedon speak, do yourself a favor and go listen. Not only is she an excellent speaker and nutritionist, but she is a delightful person and fun to listen to. “Aunt Cathy” works for MeritCare Medical Center in North Dakota, with a wide variety of nutritional issues. […]