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GF in the Hospital

The Gluten Intolerance Group of North America (GIG) has added a new consumer handout to their website for you to download – free. The new publication “Hospital Stays Made Safe” provides a quick explanation of the needs of a GF patient and includes specific information to be given to the various caregivers who might have contact with the GF patient. GIG’s materials are designed to be printer friendly.

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One response to “GF in the Hospital”

  1. Gluten Free Desserts - Mike Avatar

    That is a really nice idea. I have heard all sorts of stories about GF people going to the hospital and having to deal with caregivers that have never heard of Celiac, etc.

    The only thing I wondered is where some of the information on that sheet is coming from. Here in North America, from everything considered to be a GF standard from what I know, things like “Modified food starch”, “Hydrogenated vegetable oil” (I have NEVER heard ANY reference to that being not safe as an ingredient) and “Caramel color” are SAFE if made in USA, though it is on the list of things to tell caregivers/pharma to watch out for. I can not help question some other things on there too – like Dextrins and such (seeing that Benefiber, which is wheat-dextrin, IS gluten-free and is labeled as such).

    But, the PDF/sheet is a GOOD IDEA; I just think it does not reflect current GF standard-accepted safe/not-safe status. Just my thoughts.