Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Month: February 2009

  • GIG Chef to Plate Awareness Campaign

    Chef  to Plate National Awareness Campaign Celebrating Restaurants Serving Up Gluten-Free Awareness May 3, 2009 Endorsed by: GlutenFree Passport Gluten-Free on the Go Participating Restaurants – Watch for listing GIG launches a national awareness campaign for gluten-free living, through the restaurants that support persons living with gluten intolerances. Why: To provide […]

  • Whole O’s – New Product

    I recently received a box of Whole O’s, a new gluten-free cereal from Nature’s Path. Whole O’s reminds me of a generic Cheerio, in its texture, crisp and airy.  It has a very slighty fruity taste, which you probably can’t tell is from pomegranate juice unless you read the label.  This cereal does not get […]

  • New Product – El Monterrey Taquitos

    Updated 8/2015: I have not seen these gluten-free in years.  While shopping at Costco today, I wandered through a freezer aisle, tagging along behind my mom (we went together and took a friend).  I saw two boxes of El Monterrey taquitos, with NEW splashed on the front.  Corn?  Oh how nice.  I was skeptical, but […]

  • Delight GF Magazine

    Have you gotten your copy?  Are you totally excited?  I am. I’m talking about a brand new gluten-free magazine with beautiful full-color photographs throughout.  And do you know what makes it extra-special?  I have the great privilege of helping create this masterpiece (just a tiny bit).  You have no idea how excited I was/am to […]

  • Sale on Glutino Pretzels

    Elizabeth Barbone led me to this sale at today.  You can get Glutino pretzels for 40% off.  If you haven’t bought gluten-free groceries before from Amazon, then let me warn you that you will be buying in bulk.  But the great thing is that their prices are pretty good, you get free shipping (with […]