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A Note for PR Firms

Dear PR Firms/People,

When you contact a gluten-free blogger and offer to send them gluten-free food for sampling/review, make sure that ALL of the food you send them is gluten-free.

It has happened to me twice within the past month.  I have opened a box, care of a PR firm, to find that one or two of them items are gluten-free, but the other is not.

This is most definitely NOT good PR for the companies you represent.  It makes you and them not only look stupid, but seem ignorant of the gluten-free diet and/or uncaring about our needs as gluten-free consumers.

Don’t do it!  Be careful what you send to us.


A Gluten-Free Blogger who is tired of getting gluten in the mail







One response to “A Note for PR Firms”

  1. Erin Smith Avatar

    I literally started writing almost an identical post on my blog last week. I also got non-gluten-free stuff sent to me. Not only that, but the PR people are overly aggressive sometimes which is a big turn off. I’m not happy you were sent gluten, but I am happy I am not alone. 🙂