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Lucy’s Brownie Cakes and Snack Pack Cookies

Crusty on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside.  The new Brownie Cakes from Lucy’s are sure to be a fun lunch treat.

I recently received some samples of the new Brownie Cakes.  I’m pretty impressed with these.  They are not super-desserty, but really designed to be a “lunch box” sort of treat.  Slightly sweet, with a moderate chocolatey flavor, these treats provide a fun and enjoyable dessert without a bunch of guilt (at least compared to my brownies).  Each box has 4 packs of 2 brownies a piece.

I taste a little flavor from oats, and a very slight flavor from garbanzo/fava flours (but I am very aware of bean flours).  The ingredients come from natural sources, and are  peanut/tree nut-free, milk-free, egg-free, and certified gluten-free with the Gluten-Free Certification Organization.  Each brownie has 120 calories, 11 grams of sugar, 4 g fat, 2 g protein, and 2 g fiber.

They are definitely approved by Corice, who had a hard time watching me take pictures of them.

Lucy’s also has new Snack ‘n Go Packs of their cookies.  Each little pack has 3 cookies in it, and each box has 6 packs.  These are also great for lunches.  The cookies, too, are peanut/tree nut-free, milk-free, egg-free, and certified gluten-free.  The oats help provide a bit of fiber in the cookies.  If you’re like me, then this is proof that you can eat them more often.  🙂





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  1. Claire Fisher Avatar
    Claire Fisher

    My non Celiac nephew proclaims Lucy’s sugar cookies to be THE BEST cookies he has ever eaten. He has eaten quite a few cookies in his 50+ years! If these are as tasty, they will be another “winner”!