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New Puddings from Kozy Shack

Raise your hand if you love tapioca pudding!

My children and I love pudding.  Specifically, we love Kozy Shack‘s tapioca pudding and rice pudding.  We were really grateful when school started and found that Braden could still eat them.

We recently received some samples of new puddings from Kozy Shack.  My kids were super excited to see inside that box!

The recently-revamped No Sugar Added puddings are pretty good.  The taste and texture is right.  I do taste a faint hint of substitute aftertaste, but it’s not too bad.  The fact that I can eat one right after teaching Pilates and not feel bad about it is pretty good.  :)  Not only are there tapioca and rice varieties, but there is also a smooth “regular” chocolate pudding in the No Sugar Added line.

The Lactose-Free line is the most interesting to me.  It is still a dairy pudding, they just added some enzymes to help break down the lactose.  They are think and creamy, and taste just like pudding should.    (On a side note, do any of you roll the tapioca balls around on your tongue as you eat tapioca pudding?)

Chocolate.  Chocolate pudding.  That’s the biggest news.  There is a chocolate rice pudding which is so good that Braden and I demolished it in a few short days, even though we were doing our best to spread the joy.

Kozy Shack’s regular tapioca pudding has been my children’s favorite for many years, so we were definitely excited to see (and taste) the new additions.






3 responses to “New Puddings from Kozy Shack”

  1. Susan W Avatar
    Susan W

    I’ve seen these in the store but have hesitated because most pre made puddings leave an after taste. I’m going to have to try these.

  2. Tammy Short Avatar
    Tammy Short

    I was wondering and hoping you have a simple vanilla gluten free pudding, its the only one he’ll eat and he’s on a special gluten free diet
    Thank you?

  3. Cheryl Doll Avatar
    Cheryl Doll

    This sounds good; my Mom loves tapioca pudding. It’s too bad, though, that the lactose-free pudding is not edible for those of us who cannot tolerate the protein in the milk, i.e., the whey. I can take lactase tablets all day long after consuming a milk product and I still get very sick (except for butter, for some reason). The WHEY is what bothers me in the milk products, and gives me nausea, headaches, runny nose, and crappy-feeling sinuses. I applaud Kozy Shack’s efforts to make a product that more people can tolerate, but it would be nice if they’d remember that a TON of people are sensitive to milk. I use Jello-brand cooked pudding mix and add almond milk, cutting the almond milk by 1/3 cup and adding 2 T of butter and about 2T sugar; this way it will set better. But having some ready-made Kozy Shack would really be nice to pack in my lunch.