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  • Manischewitz Gluten-free!

    Passover is a great time for Celiacs, because there are so many “Kosher for Passover” items that are gluten-free (remember: always read the labels). We recently received some samples from one of the big Passover companies, Manischewitz, which caused quite a stir in our house. One of the exciting foods in the box was their […]

  • New Puddings from Kozy Shack

    Raise your hand if you love tapioca pudding! My children and I love pudding.  Specifically, we love Kozy Shack‘s tapioca pudding and rice pudding.  We were really grateful when school started and found that Braden could still eat them. We recently received some samples of new puddings from Kozy Shack.  My kids were super excited […]

  • Almond Breeze

    It’s getting pretty intense around here, trying to get packed and ready to move.  As I had my new graduate student orientation yesterday, I kept think about my biggest fear: not being able to pay attention in class.  It’s been a good, long while since I took any sort of class that I really had […]