Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Month: October 2013

  • Asian Mint

    Every girl eventually needs a night out with the girls. Girls night out now means Sushi Night at Asian Mint. Located at Forest Ln and I-75 in Dallas, Asian Mint easy to find (hey! no construction down there right now).  Their menu items are marked with a big “G” when they are gluten-free, which is […]

  • Surface Men – Hair Care

    My husband is quite the minimalist when it comes to body/hair products; he uses whatever bar of soap and bottle of shampoo happen to be in the shower.  I decided to invite my friend Forrest to help with a little review of Surface Men hair care products. From the email I was provided before Surface […]

  • Coffecake Connection

    Have you ever had one of those depressing days when nothing seems to go right and, if you’re lucky enough to get yourself to do something, you listen to All-American Rejects and Taylor Swift all day to fuel you? Thankfully, for me, I was blessed with the sweetest package delivery: a variety of coffeecake and […]

  • Green Giant Giveaway

    Who loves veggies?  We love veggies! At the store, Corice asks me for all sorts of wonderful things in the vegetable aisle, like bell peppers and broccoli.  Then random ladies stare at us like we’re crazy.  Yes, people, some children actually like vegetables. And yes, it was super bright outside the other day when I […]

  • Luce’s Artisan Bread

    Bread.  The staff of life, right?  Maybe you’ve learned to live without it, like we mostly have (except my husband – he still craves bread and sandwiches).  Over the last few years, however, we have seen a huge increase of gluten-free breads and bread mixes on the market and many are so good! Well, so […]