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Category: 2011 Expo West

  • Expo West 2011 – PreShow

    Phew, what a day! I choose to fly early in the morning.  I like to avoid the traffic, and I never sleep the night before a trip anyways.  Leaving my house at 4am is actually kind of ideal for me, in that respect. Upon arriving in California, I boarded a shuttle to the hotels, and […]

  • My Booth Schedule – Expo West

    In case you’re heading to Expo West, or know of a vendor who would like to come visit me, I thought I’d provide my schedule in the Gluten Intolerance Group booth, to make things easier on us all.  I’ve already promised to make my way to a few different gf companies’ booths, and it seems […]

  • Upcoming Events

    I’m getting so excited!! I’m working my tush off at my job, to prepare for next week, when I’ll be gone 5 days (almost an entire pay period – eek!) to Anaheim, California.  That’s right, it’s almost time for Expo West!  I’ve never been before, but I’ve heard such excellent things. If you’ve never heard […]

  • Top GF Blogs

    I was listed in another “Top Celiac Blogs” article.  While I don’t approve of the opener that “this disease is basically an allergy to wheat”, I hope that everyone that sees this list finds something good in the blogs that are on it. I also just wanted to let you know I was still alive […]