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  • Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water

    There is always something new around the bend. I recently received some samples of Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water from the company.  The closest thing I’ve ever seen to this before was coconut water, which I only had a brief sip of once. The Almond Water really is refreshing.  It is pretty sweet, with 30 grams […]

  • Prescott Frost Organic Hot Dogs

    Even though he’s told me he no longer likes hot dogs, Braden was pretty excited when Prescott Frost sent us some of their Organic Hot Dogs.  Have you ever spent much time reading hot dog labels?  Finding ones that are gluten-free, soy-free, and corn-free are extremely difficult.  But these are!  They are also 100% grassfed, pasture […]

  • Yummi Bears Vegetarian Vitamins

    “Mom, can we have our NEW vitamins?” This is what I have heard since we received some Yummi Bears Vegetarian Multi-Vitamin & Mineral gummy vitamins from Hero Nutritionals. We switched to gummy vitamins a few years ago, because nobody liked the chalky dinosaur ones.  These vegetarian gummy vitamins, have something a little extra special. Because […]