Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Month: July 2009

  • Dear Starbucks, What Gives?

    Dear Starbucks, I really love your Valencia Orange Cake.  It is so fun to pop in to a Starbucks (they’re everywhere!) and pick up a fun, fruity, tasty cake.  It makes my day so bright and sunshiney. So, what gives?  Why are you taking away my precious cake?  I heard about last night’s tweet, and […]

  • Don’t Get Discouraged

    Sometimes the kitchen just gets you down.  I think it happens to everyone from time to time.  Currently, it is happening to me. A few weeks ago, I made a cake for my dad’s birthday.  Something very strange happened.  Even though I had made that exact recipe hundreds of times (literally), it didn’t work.  My […]

  • Dr. Joseph Murray on Celiac Disease

    The Mayo Clinic recently released the findings from a new study on Celiac Disease, illustrating a quadruple increase in Celiac Disease since the 1950s.  You can read more about the study at the Mayo Clinic website. Dr. Joseph Murray released a little video explaining the results. [youtube=] As an aside, I love listening to this […]

  • Majans Bhuja Snack Mixes

    Why I first saw these bags, I was sure it was going to be something completely new and foreign to me.  While it is quite different than what I usually eat, there is something about these that almost spark a memory from my childhood. According to the Majans Bhuja website, Bhuja is “An Indian family […]

  • Enjoy Life Granola

    Enjoy Life Foods is a food-allergic consumer’s dream.  All of their products are free of the top 8 allergens and gluten (only wheat is part of the top 8).  Enjoy Life products are even certified gluten-free by the GFCO! Enjoy Life is constantly looking for products to fit the needs and desires of those on […]